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Difficulty Training a Terrier Pup (humor)

Terriers are difficult to train because they are a high energy breed, but still a lot of fun!

Basic Maneuvers For Training A Terrier Puppy

“No.”    “No, NO!”   “Get off of there!”  “Stop that!!”  “Ow!! No biting!!”  “Hey, that’s my shoe!!”   “Come back here you little #@!$%!”  “No, no, bad puppy!!”  “Ow! Hey, let go of my pants!”  “Leave the cat alone!!”  “What did you do??” “How did you manage to climb up THERE??”  “Let go!!” “Is that my underwear?” “Oooh, you’re lucky you’re cute!”   “Aw, Mommy’s little sweetie.  Ow!! Don’t bite my nose!!”

Terrier Puppy vs Hound Puppy

6 am  Terrier puppy runs circles around hound puppy, yipping and nipping at his ears to wake him up.

6:15  Puppies go outside. Hound does his business, sniffs a few things, comes back in. Terrier chases a squirrel, yells the wake up alarm in case any slackers in the neighborhood might still be sleeping, digs a hole, eats an unidentifiable object and runs back into the house w/ muddy paws, muddy face, proudly carrying a mouthful of deer poop.

10:30   After lots of play time in the yard and a nice breakfast, which included the new sofa pillow for the terrier puppy, both puppies decide to take a nap. Thank God. They choose the persian rug, instead of doggie beds, of course. The hound circles a few times, lays down and is breathing heavily within minutes. The terrier lays down, starts to settle, but then spies a long piece of thread sticking up out of the rug. “Hey, what is that for??” “Cool! If I pull it, it gets longer and longer!!”  Hound rolls over.

Terrier now has about 40 feet of what used to be a nice rug, growling and shaking it and pouncing on the hound to convince him to wake up before he misses all the fun!! Hound begins to snore. Terrier decides to eat half of the pile of thread now and put the rest down the heating vent for later. Hound rolls over.

Terrier has diarrhea on what is left of the persian rug. Not his fault. It’s that darn unidentifiable object he ate at 6:15.  Turns out it was part of a dead rabbit. Fortunately for everyone, it is included in the pile on the persian rug. “Wait til Mom sees THAT!! Cool.” Having emptied the “trash”, terrier puppy settles next to hound puppy, who is by now snoring loudly. Terrier puppy just closes his eyes when he realizes the door to the hall closet is open. “Hey, shoes!!! Boy, this has been the best nap ever!!”

Hound rolls over.

It’s only 10:45am.

Terriers are not for the weak of spirit!